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The home of your dreams is ripe for the picking

There are opportunities amid a crisis.

There remain certain sectors that offer favorable prospects despite lingering uncertainties. For instance, some sectors have recently seen a surge in demand as they become more relevant in the new normal while others continue to offer a time-tested rationale as a viable investment option.

Real estate is one that has consistently been touted as an attractive, stable asset class that offers promising returns. For some, it has been a source of security, as land values have historically shown to appreciate over the long term. However, seizing these potential opportunities, crisis or not, must be done with cautious optimism, due diligence, and a measured approach.

The home you’ve always aspired for can become an advantage if the property you are eyeing checks out on at least three key elements: sustainability, world-class quality, and impact on the community.

Ayala Land’s 29 masterplanned estates are rife with reasons to begin thinking of one’s future home. Seamlessly fused in its developments are practices that promote sustainability, enabling these to adapt and evolve to meet changing circumstances and demands.

While a confluence of factors has to be considered to ensure the sustainability of a home and community, Ayala Land developments manifest recognizable characteristics that made its communities work and thrive over the years.

Promoting sustainable living

The 725-ha Vermosa in Cavite has the fundamental mix that makes it ideal as a future Ayala Land home. Within it are residential communities that have distinct features and offerings that satisfy a particular life stage and lifestyle. A home in Vermosa allows one to access amenities that will not only provide essential needs but also encourage a healthy and active life. Its centerpiece is the Vermosa Sports Hub, a complete one-stop sports and wellness facility that has become a prime destination for triathletes.

“We are beginning to see the Vermosa community flourish with many families aspiring to become more active and healthier. Even during the community quarantine, we saw how people missed using the sports facilities, and so moving towards recovery, we hope to stay true to our vision of building a complete and well-managed community that overall promotes a healthy lifestyle,” said Stephen Comia, Vermosa and Arca South Estate Development Head.

Going for walkable green spaces

Two to three years from now, a new cosmopolitan district will rise along the C-5 corridor and urbanites who advocate for a greener lifestyle will call it home. The 35-ha estate Parklinks, a joint venture project of Ayala Land and Eton Properties Philippines, has dedicated 40 percent of its development to open spaces. Thoughtfully master-planned, it will be a much-needed green urban development in a bustling city center that puts a premium on quality residential offerings within walkable civic facilities and pockets of green open spaces.

“We see walkability as an important aspect in building an urban estate, because that also means it will be more convenient and take less time to reach places. Parklinks as a mixed-use estate is interwoven by a street network that enables people to walk instead of taking a car from one place to another. Parks and open spaces are 250 meters away from any point within the estate making it all the more pleasant to walk,” said Mel Ignacio, Parklinks Estate Development Head.

Designed for seamless operations

Arca South is a 74-hectare integrated mixed-use development in Taguig that includes residential areas right next to a bustling office and commercial area. A dynamic masterplan gives the estate the potential to become a major commercial business district, presenting various advantages for its residents. Arca South will soon be highly accessible given upcoming government infrastructure projects such as the Mega Manila Subway FTI Taguig Station, Taguig City Integrated Terminal Exchange, future access ramps to Southeast Metro Manila Expressway and Skyway extension to C6 Taguig, which will all connect Arca South to pivotal destinations around the metro.

“Arca South is a future business district, envisioned to become as dynamic as the Makati CBD and BGC, but with anticipated infrastructure and transit-oriented features to make it a distinctly modern business district. For the people who will choose to live and work here, they can expect a lifestyle of convenience with many opportunities for enterprise and growth, “ said Comia.

Another measure of a property developer’s reliability and track record is the quality of its project—not only upon turnover, but more importantly, even decades after it was first built.

Ayala Land continues to ensure the quality of its developments long after their completion through its property management arm. The group continuously manages and protects the value, condition and safety of the Ayala Land properties and developments.

The company likewise sees to it that all projects are constructed using premium materials, high-standard processes and the latest technologies to ensure safety and quality and that these comply with stringent building code requirements and practices.

Ayala Land developments have likewise become significant catalysts for growth—an advantage for homebuyers who are looking at investing in a home that will appreciate in value in the future.

There is no doubt that real estate can offer a favorable, potentially lucrative investment for you even amid a crisis. Homebuyers can create the future they have aspired for, choosing properties that prioritize the holistic needs of the community and provide good quality homes, all to enrich the lives of more Filipinos.